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Welcome to The Arkfeld Agency

I'm here to help your business grow through professional copywriting.

Whether you're looking to ramp up trust with case studies, or need help with blogs, emails, or social media, I can help.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Sherry Arkfeld, founder of The Arkfeld Agency. 


My passion is travel and my life's ambition is to go everywhere and see everything. A lofty (if not impossible) goal, I admit. But if you're going to have a goal, why not make it big?

Sherry Arkfeld

When I started my copywriting career I focused on writing about travel. I still enjoy it, but I feel the need to branch out and write about other subjects. That's why I became a case study writer.


I enjoy research and putting together stories of success. I don't pretend to be an expert in every field, but that's a good thing. You need the perspective of an outsider to ensure the writing is clear. You don't need jargon. You need clear, persuasive writing. You need me. 

I graduated from California State University, Chico with a degree in Liberal Studies -- a very broad major where I learned a bit about a lot of things. It worked for me because I like diving into a new topic. Writing case studies is like that. I dive into your product or industry and tell your story in a compelling way.

I would love to meet you and talk about how I can help your business thrive.

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