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Five Ways Blogs Help Drive Customers to Your Door - And How to Use them Effectively

It seems blogs are everywhere these days. Unless you know how powerful they can be and how to use them, you won’t be realizing your business’ full potential. Let’s take a look at how blogs will work for you.

1. Show off your knowledge

You know a lot about the Caribbean travel industry. You study it. Heck, you’ve been living it! Now you need to get that knowledge out into the world. Talk about the kinds of interesting fish people will see when they snorkel with you. Discuss the biodiversity of your island. Educate about something unique about your country. Travelers love learning about places to visit!

2. Build trust with your audience

Customers trust businesses that know their stuff. Not telling them what you know means missing out on a simple way to gain trust right away. Of course, you need to deliver a great product to keep their trust, but you’ve got that part down! A blog about safety when diving or hiking will show that you care about your customers and gain even more trust.

3. Stay in front of your customers

A good blog will get potential customers to subscribe to emails. This is a great way to keep in touch. Well-timed blogs delivered directly to customers’ inboxes ensures you are thought about regularly. Plus, they can share your information easily with others so you get even more exposure. And when they’re ready to book their trip you’ll be the first to come to mind!

4. Your website stays relevant

A potential customer searches for “Best ziplining in Jamaica” on Google. They see your website is up to date and full of great information. Now they will be more likely to book with you than with someone whose website hasn’t had any new information in a year. You’re on top of your game.

5. Build rapport with your customers

Your blogs show your personality. By speaking to your target audience, you can build rapport with them. Help the customers connect to you. People like to work with businesses they feel a connection with. They like to see that you are not a faceless entity. Showing that you are a tour guide who likes to make people laugh will make your tours more desirable.

How to use blogs effectively

For your blogs to be effective you need to pay attention to a few things.

First, try to have four blogs posted to your website each month. But don’t stop there. Share them on social media. Get them out into the world. Yeah, that can seem like a pretty big job, but it will pay dividends in the long run.

“But really?” you ask, “Four a month? Can’t I just do one?” The short answer is no. To optimize your website on Google, you need to have a minimum of two blogs per month. Four is best. This helps your website place higher in searches. Having your website seen quickly can mean the difference between success and failure.

Second, make sure you are providing information your customers want. Allow people to comment so you can gauge their interest level. Consider having a poll on your website asking what topics people want to read about.

Finally, you need to be consistent. There is a good reason why you see blogs everywhere — they work! Make them work for you too.

Need help?

You already have a lot to do and this may seem like a lot to take on. Well, I have great news! I can help!

See, this is what I do: I write your blogs for you. (I do the work but you get the credit and the benefits! What’s not to love about that?)

Let’s talk about how I can help you get the most out of your business without adding more stress and work. In today’s blog-crazy world, you can’t afford not to get on board.

Sherry, owner of the Arkfeld Agency (, is a Caribbean travel copywriter. She writes travel blogs, emails, website content, and more for travel agents, tour operators, and resorts in the Caribbean. Sherry is obsessed with travel, especially all things related to the Caribbean. Sherry lives in California and is dreaming of the day she can move to her own island in paradise.

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