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Why do You Travel?

I distinctly remember the first time I flew on an airplane. I was 12 traveling from California to Iowa to visit family. It was all exciting, but seeing the Rocky Mountains from above was the most impressive thing I had ever seen.

I've flown many times since then but I still gaze in awe at the sight of the Rockies from the sky, always remembering the feeling of that first time.

This is why I travel -- the feeling of experiencing something new. Seeing my first duomo in Italy and being struck dumb at the sheer majesty of it. Visiting the pyramids in Giza and understanding how huge they really are. Smelling the pungent scent of the docks in a small fishing village in Honduras and appreciating how hard the locals work to give their families a good life.

Being in these places, experiencing them in person, is always a little bit life changing. The world has so many of these experiences and I find myself greedy to see them all.

Why do you travel?

Do you take a vacation to get away from your everyday life and the pressures at home? Do you like places where you can relax, unwind, and be pampered?

Do you travel for excitement? Do you look for cities with busy nightlife and thrilling activities during the day?

Do you travel to try new and exotic foods? Do you seek out authentic local cuisine and try things like squid ink pasta or even fried crickets?

Maybe you travel for the history and to learn about a culture and its people. To see the artwork, hear the local music, loiter in the town square, and watch everyday life unfold around you.

Or maybe your answer is, "It depends." One trip is for pure leisure and pampering. The next one is for education and adventure.

That's the beauty of travel. There is someplace and something for everyone, every need, and every mood.

During this time when travel is restricted, find something new where you live. Search out a new park for a picnic lunch. Explore a forest or a botanical garden you've never been to before. Visit an old graveyard. It may not technically be traveling, but you can still experience something you haven't before. (Of course, be sure to follow all the recommended precautions.) If all else fails, this is a great time to start planning your next big trip.

The world is a big, fascinating place just waiting for us all to get back out there.

Sherry, owner of the Arkfeld Agency (, is a Caribbean travel copywriter. She writes travel blogs, emails, website content, and more for travel agents, tour operators, and resorts in the Caribbean. Sherry is obsessed with travel, especially all things related to the Caribbean. Sherry lives in California and is dreaming of the day she can move to her own island in paradise.

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